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Antibiotics in the Medicine Cabinet." Annals of Internal Medicine 2000, 133(1):74. CEI. "Pharmaceutical Pollution Prevention: Documents recent work to identify and disseminate best management practices to prevent over-dispensing of medicines in the Greater Rochester Area." Center for Environmental Information, Rochester, NY, July, 2011, 6 pp; available: http://www.ceinfo.org/resources/PharmaPollutionPreventionReport.pdf. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. "Medicare Program; Changes to the Medicare Advantage and the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Programs for Contract Year 2013 and Other Changes; Final Rule." Federal Register 2012, 77(71):22072-22175. CESAR "Current Substance Abuse Legislation." Center for Substance Abuse Research 2008; http://www.cesar.umd.edu/cesar/library/statutes.asp. Chang SG. "Expired drugs are not dead drugs." American Journal of Hospital Pharmacy 1993, 50(3):447-448. Chapman AI. 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